The RCD line of passive dehydrators keeps small volume waveguide and coax systems dry. These dehydrators may also be used to supply short term protection for larger systems; during power interruptions, maintenance, storage, or transportation. Due to requests from our customers, a couple of additional models have been added.

The new RCD–3 and RCD–4 models replace the translucent, UV resistant bottles with a clear bottle. This clear bottle makes periodic checks of the desiccant condition easier when the RCD is installed in spaces or enclosures with low light conditions.

The new RCD–5 and RCD–6 models replace the Sorbead Orange alumino-silica gel type desiccant with molecular sieve desiccant with blue indicating gel. While we still prefer the more environmentally friendly Sorbead Orange, we added the molecular sieve option to meet customer specifications.

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RCD Passive Dehydrator

RCD Passive Self-Pumping Dehydrator

RCD Passive Self-Pumping Dehydrator