snow switch HSC-24 

Automatic De-icing Control sensor

The Snow Switch Model HSC-24, 24-volt Pavement-Mounted Snow and Ice Sensor reliably detect​ snow and ice conditions on pavement surfaces. The HSC-24 pavement sensor ensures that deicing heaters operate only while needed which minimizes energy costs without sacrificing snow melting effectiveness.

The HSC-24 is designed to be self-contained eliminating the need for an additional control panel, and its​ independent relay-contact output is compatible with most heater control systems. As part of a snow melting system, the HSC–24 sensor will signal for snow and ice melting at pavement temperatures below 38°F (3.3°C) while moisture in any form—including water, snow, sleet or ice—is present.


  • Directly senses pavement conditions for reliable, accurate system control
  • 24-volt operation for compatibility with a diverse array of electric and hydronic controls and systems
  • Self-contained operation does not require additional control panel
  • NEC Class 2 circuit for safe operation in wet locations
  • Designed and built for long, trouble-free life
  • Built-in self-test functions allow quick operational verification