EDH-4 dehydrator

Low Cost, Manual Regeneration Air Dehydrator

The EDH–4 dehydrator addresses the need for a low cost, non-regenerating air dehydrator for pressurizing small volume waveguides and coax. It is especially suited for C, X, Ku, and Ka band applications.

The output pressure is 0.5 psig (34.5 mbar) with a maximum flow rate of 6.0 scfh (2.8 lpm). It is intended for use in systems smaller than 18 cubic feet (510 liters). The EDH–4 indicates pressure and status on a bright red LED display. Display parameters are user selectable in English or SI units.


  • Provides cost effective dry air at 0.5 psig (34.5 mbar)
  • Prevents vapor, dust, and small particles from entering small systems
  • Improves transmission reliability by protecting against reflection
  • Dry, clean, positive pressure extends equipment lifetime
  • International capability
  • 120/230 volt 50/60 Hz operation
  • Selectable English or SI calibration
  • Simple to install and operate
  • Brackets supplied for rack mounting, wall mounting, and feet for shelf or bench top use
  • Convenient front panel access for easy replacement of desiccant canister
  • Low energy usage
  • Quiet