snow switch EUR-5A

Automatic Snow/Ice Melting Control Panel for Electric & Hydronic Applications

The EUR-5A brings the performance, economy and energy efficiency of the industry leading APS–3B to a wide range of commercial snow melting applications requiring electrical panel location. A rich assortment of features optimize EUR-5A performance for its intended applications and environment. The EUR-5A interfaces multiple sensors from the CIT–1, GIT–1, SIT–6E family for flexibility in a wide range of pavement, gutter and downspout deicing applications. This feature is essential for large systems employing common heater switching.

  • Continuing heater operation
  • RCU–3 Remote Control
  • Low voltage push-button switch


  • Multiple sensor capability
  • Remote control included
  • Building and energy management computer interface
  • Adjustable heater hold-on timer
  • Local and remote heater toggle switches
  • High ambient temperature limit
  • NEC Class II operation
  • 35 MM DIN rail mounting
  • Energy efficient automatic operation
  • Wide range of applications
  • Electric panel location