Tracon GPT 230


The GPT 230 Dual Channel Temperature Controller is ideal for applications which required two independent heater zones.  Each zone has it’s own relay and GFEP.  Any 3 wire RTD or Thermistor sensor can be used for temperature sensing.

  • Adjustable Temperature Setpoint and Alarms Sensor Inputs
  • Precision Monitoring and Control
  • Ground–Fault Equipment Protection
  • Automatic GFEP Circuit Self–Test


  • Dual channel heat trace capabilities allows for complete control and monitoring of two separate channels from one unit
  • Adjustable temperature setpoint allows precise control of a wide range of processes
  • Can use an NEC Class 2 temperature sensors with up to 2,000 ft. cable for enhanced installation options
  • Two Thermistor temperature sensors with 20 ft. cables included for applications of −40 °F to 230 °F (−40 °C to 110 °C)
  • RTD input allows higher accuracy and extreme–temperature applications
  • The unit can accommodate RTD sensors with 3–wire configuration
  • Temperature display for accurate adjusting and monitoring
  • Load current display for accurate adjusting and monitoring
  • Ground fault current display for accurate monitoring, protection, and alarm
  • Adjustable alarm thresholds for excess ground fault current, load current, and temperature
  • Alarms indicated with panel display and relay contact for remote signaling
  • A Fault Mode setting which can be set to energize or de-energize the heaters during a sensor failure
  • Fire Protection Mode maintains heater operation for use in critical fire protection systems
  • Durable weather–resistant NEMA 4X IP66 enclosure permits indoor or outdoor installation