Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) REQUEST Form

Service, Warranty & Return Policy

The following are terms and conditions for ETI Return Merchandise Authorizations (“RMAs”) (“RMA Terms”) and incorporate the Standard Terms & Conditions of Sale current at the time (“Standard Terms”). In particular, any repairs are subject to these RMA Terms and the Standard Terms.


Agreement of Terms

Review and agree to the following terms and requirements.

Complete RMA Form to Request RMA Number

After reviewing RMA Terms and Conditions (this page), complete and submit the RMA Request Form.


Once your RMA request has been approved by ETI, you will receive your RMA number along with packaging/shipping instructions via email.


The following definitions shall apply to these RMA Terms and to any contract incorporating the same: “Product Return Form” means the return form available on ETI’s website: to accompany any Defective Goods returned in accordance with these RMA Terms. Otherwise, the defined terms used in these RMA Terms shall have the meaning given in the Standard Terms.

This Service, Warranty and Returns Policy Statement addresses and is divided into two sections: Warranty, Returns for Credit. This Policy Statement replaces and supersedes any and all other previous versions or summaries of this Policy Statement. Any reference to this Policy Statement appearing in any other document should refer to the current revision of this Policy Statement as it appears here. No other version, revision or summary of this Policy Statement in any document other than this one will be considered valid or binding.


basic warranty policy

The sole exclusive warranty which ETI makes with respect to goods sold is that they are free from defects of material or workmanship for a period of two (2) years from the date of ETI’s original invoice.  ETI’s warranty is conditioned upon the proper use and installation of the goods by the customer.  This warranty is subject to the conditions that any defect has not been caused by misuse, neglect, improper installation, improper operation, improper maintenance, repair, alteration, accident, or unusual deterioration or degradation of the equipment or component parts thereof due either to the physical environment or to electrical or electromagnetic noise in the environment.

This warranty is further subject to the condition that any product manufactured by ETI must be installed in strict accordance with instructions as stated in ETI instruction manuals or related product support literature, the National Electrical Code, and applicable local electrical and building codes by an electrical contractor, electrician, or electronic technician whose principal occupation and training is the installation and/or maintenance of electrical and electronic equipment.  This warranty does not extend to any product manufactured by ETI which is not in its original installation or at its original installation site.

This Warranty Does Not Cover The Following:

  • ETI will issue the RMA which will be valid for thirty (30) days. The RMA needs to be clearly marked on the outside of the package.
  • Should the product, upon return to ETI, be found to be in good operating condition, then the customer shall be liable for a service bench charge and return shipping charges for their product from ETI back to the customer.
  • If the customer fails to pay the service bench charge and/or return shipping charges, their product will be disposed of after 45 days and ETI will not be responsible for the product.
  • After the RMA is issued, the customer needs to return the products to ETI at the customer’s expense. The unit needs to be packaged in such a manner so as to ensure it is not damaged in shipping (original packaging is preferred). The RMA number must be clearly marked on the outside of the package.
  • Upon return of the product to ETI, ETI will evaluate the product. Should the product be found to be defective and under warranty, ETI will repair, replace, or, in special circumstances, issue credit for the product at ETI’s discretion.
  • Buyer promptly notifies the ETI Service Department after the discovery of an alleged nonconformity and includes a detailed explanation of the alleged nonconformity.
  • Buyer promptly requests an RMA number from the Service Department and returns the product to ETI, postage prepaid. Note that under no circumstances will an RMA number be considered valid for more than 30 days after being issued. Product thought to be defective must be returned to ETI within 30 days of an RMA being issued. Product not received by ETI within 30 days after issuing an RMA will not be accepted and will be returned to the customer.
  • ETI examination of such goods establishes to ETI’s satisfaction that such alleged nonconformities actually exist and occurred during proper and normal use and were not caused by accident, misuse, neglect, alteration, or improper installation, repair, testing, or such other cause or causes outside the responsibility of ETI.
  • ETI Technical Support has evaluated the situation and attempted to troubleshoot the unit with an on-site electrician or qualified individual and determined that it may be more cost-effective to replace the unit.
  • A valid Purchase Order is issued to ETI for the replacement unit. The Purchase Order must reference the RMA number or, at a minimum, reference that it is a Service replacement.
  • An RMA must be issued within one (1) week of the Purchase Order and must reference either the Purchase Order or the fact that a replacement is being ordered and credit is being requested.
  • The identical Part Number as ordered on the Purchase Order is returned within 30 days with the RMA clearly marked on it.
  • The returned product is determined to be under warranty, is defective, and shows no signs of abuse, improper use, or alteration.

Non-Warranty Repairs

  • Non-Warranty repairs require a purchase order for analysis and repair. If major components need to be replaced at additional cost, we will contact you prior to the repair.
  • Non-Warranty repair charges are calculated as follows:
    • $500 Test, Tear Down & Evaluation Fee (TT&E) – to determine any necessary repairs
    • $500 Minimum Parts & Labor Fee for any repairs needed to include 5 hours of labor, with a Service rate of $100.00 per hour thereafter (*NOTE – This fee is in addition to the TT&E fee above)
    • Any additional costs above the $500 Minimum Parts & Labor Fee associated with parts or materials used for repairs will be included in the TT&E report. 
  • Goods determined Beyond Repair will be held for 30 days and/or returned upon request.  If returned, sender will be charged any shipping fees that may apply.  (*NOTE – Goods determined “Beyond Repair” will be held for 30 days from the date listed on the TT&E report.  After 30 days the goods will be disposed of.) 
  • All Non-Warranty repairs are returned to the customer with a 90-day Limited Warranty.



All payments and charges under these RMA Terms are subject to and to be made in accordance with standard Sales Terms per Customer.


RMA Shipments to ETI

Delivery to ETI is always made at the customer’s expense and risk.

RMA return shipment to Customer

  • Delivery of Warranty repairs will be made at ETI’s expense.
  • Delivery charges for Non-Warranty repairs will be added to the final cost estimate.
  • Any repaired or replacement Goods supplied to the customer by ETI are supplied in accordance with the Standard Terms

RMA Validity Period

30 Days

Any RMA number is valid for 30 days from its date. If after this period of time we have not received the Goods, the customer will be required to request a new RMA number.