netcom ASM-1

Automated Air Distribution Manifold

The ASM–1 Smart Manifold automated air manifold distributes low pressure dry air from one or more sources to one or more transmission lines. Output pressure is configurable between 0.10 psig and 7.50 psig (7mbar – 517mbar) in 0.01 psig (0.67mbar) increments. Factory default pressure is 0.5 psig (34.5mbar). Operational monitoring and alarms are software based making them highly configurable in the field. Future software features can be installed while in service over the internet or local Ethernet network.


  • Distributes dry low pressure air from one or more sources to one or more transmission lines.
  • Continuous system monitoring allows leaking lines to be isolated while the rest of the system remains pressurized.
  • Periodic automated line testing can identify future line leaks for planning maintenance before critical failures.
  • Highly configurable to meet the needs of wide ranging applications.
  • Programmable operating pressure range: 0.10 psig – 7.50 psig (7mbar – 517mbar).
  • Programmable pressure relief valve to bleed off excess system pressure common with high solar gains.
  • Future-proof software based features allow updates and upgrades while in service.
  • Remote monitoring and control with web interface or SNMP.
  • Configurable Parallel Pumping operation combines multiple ADH NETCOM dehydrators for increased system capacity.
  • Ethernet, RS-422/485, RS-232 and alarm relay outputs for compatibility with nearly any system.
  • Simple power connections for 100-240 VAC or ±20-75 VDC.
  • Small, light weight chassis with multiple mounting options makes installation easy.