snow Switch GIT-1 

Automatic Gutter De-icing sensor

An automatic freeze prevention control system for gutters and downspouts employs one or more GIT–1 Gutter Ice Sensors and either APS–3C or APS–4C Control Panel. Heaters operate only if moisture occurs at temperatures below 38°F (3.3°C), thus saving energy and ensuring reliable ice melting. Since the GIT–1 mounts in gutters and downspouts it senses actual environmental conditions. This improves sensing accuracy. Solid state moisture and temperature sensors provide the sensitivity required for effective automatic control. Ice bridging occurs if incomplete melting occurs near the heater or sensor leaving an air space. The air insulates thus preventing effective heater and sensor operation. The GIT–1’s unique microcontroller design frees its moisture sensor from ice bridging. Additional features prevent heater operation under conditions favorable to heater ice tunneling



  • Reduces operating costs
  • Reliable automatic deicing control
  • Sense both moisture and temperature
  • Gutter-mounted for accuracy
  • Avoids ice bridging
  • Rugged housing
  • Simple, low cost installation
  • Field proven reliability