A great number of service calls come in with the common problem of the heaters not coming on even though it is snowing outside or there is ice buildup. After trouble- shooting the system it is discovered that the equipment is fine but there is no snow or ice on the sensor.


The proper placement of sensors is critical for the snowmelt system to operate. This is especially true if only one sensor is used, multiple sensors can be a little more forgiving for incorrect placement but to get the most out of the system it would be advisable to locate as many sensors in the “sweet spot” as possible.


The best person to determine the sweet spots for the sensors is the installer but to do so the installer needs to consider several parameters when considering the site and the final location of the sensor or sensors. These include but are not limited to:


          1.  Prevailing winds

          2.  Obstructions

          3.  Orientation of buildings and their affects on snow and drift patterns

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