Snow Switch Model PD Pro

PD Pro with Broader Input Voltage Range

Because you need a modest snow melting system – perhaps pilot duty sized – and you’re looking for an ideal controller for it, look into Environmental Technology Inc.’s Snow Switch® Model PD Pro, the ice and snow detection and melting system control for use in pilot duty applications, up to 7 amp inductive loads.

ETI has expanded its input voltage range, now between 100 to 277 VAC, making it useful for nearly any situation. The PD Pro is the snow and ice control for medium-sized applications whose features and power needs do not require an APS or EUR Series control panel.

This new power range is found in its companion product as well, the Snow Switch® Model GF Pro with integral 30mA Ground Fault Equipment Protection (GFEP).

In its weather-resistant NEMA 4-X enclosure and weighing a mere three pounds with a footprint about the size of a half-sheet of paper, the improved PD Pro now operates at ambient temperatures between –31° and +113°F (–35° to +45°C), broad enough for modest weather event management. It can be operated through manual-override operator controls as well.

The PD Pro’s adjustable Hold-On timer can be set at the unit from no time to 8 hours for flexibility in managing a weather event’s impact.  This control feature allows snow melt management systems to leave protected surfaces completely clear and dry, regardless of how long it might take. Manual initiation or cancellation of the heating cycle is another PD Pro feature.

Works with Temperature, Moisture Sensors; Remote Control

The PD Pro has a dual sensor capability and networks with standard Environmental Technology snow and ice detection sensors (sold separately). As the snow management industry’s most versatile sensor, ETI’s CIT-1 Aerial Snow Sensor detects falling or blowing snow.

The CIT-1 can be partnered with a GIT-1 Gutter Ice Sensor for gutter applications or an SIT-6E Pavement-Mounted Snow and Ice Sensor for PD Pro-suited paved surface applications. The Heater Cycle control button allows manual initiation or cancellation of a heating cycle.

The optional RCU–3 remote control unit can be located for convenient monitoring and control. These flexible control options provide complete snow melting and water evaporation at low operating costs. Note that ETI’s RCU-4 remote control unit is an option for the GF Pro model and allows for ground fault testing and reset from a remote location.

Snow and Ice Management through Radiant Heat

Automated ice and snow management systems are an efficient and effective alternative for any new or remodeled commercial or residential property. These systems are a green choice to the corrosive residual and run-off impacts brought on by ice-melting agents. For nearly any wintry condition, these systems control for

safe walking or driving surfaces

  • Pavement
  • Driveways
  • Sidewalks
  • Steps
  • Handicap access ramps
  • Loading docks

or free flowing

  • Gutters
  • Downspouts
  • Roof channels
  • Outdoor pipes

Where is Your Snow Switch Model PD Pro Need?

It’s impossible to address the nearly infinite applications a PD Pro might be used, given the new input voltage range, but we invite your comments below to share what – and where – the might be. Or, maybe you’re encouraged to visit an ETI Partner or contact ETI to discuss your specific application for the Snow Switch® Model PD Pro? Either  way, Environmental Technology Inc. is happy to hear what you think.