A question for you: – Is your company 5G ready?

Civilization is constantly modernizing its network infrastructures to keep up with the growing demands for the creation and exchange of data while simultaneously reducing global latency. In other words, we, as people, are constantly developing and implementing new network systems, allowing us to communicate faster, and from remote places on Earth. 5G is the next generation of network systems. Claiming to increase the speed of some network types by a factor of over 100, 5G will either supplement or obsolete 4G and LTE networks globally. 5G is being rolled out today, right now. More cell phone towers will provide coverage to the entire world. The fact is, LTE is struggling to keep up, and is experiencing more slowdowns than ever before due to our demand for instant information.

Companies like Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile, as well as many other well-known players in the communications industry are already designing 5G modems capable of fitting in your ear, your car, or even in your refrigerator door. To build these systems, and allow them to communicate efficiently, a careful planning process should always be followed in network infrastructure design.

ETI’s Netcom Automatic Waveguide Dehydrators keep dry pressurized air in waveguides so the system is not compromised from outside environmental factors. In other words, we keep complex communications systems operating during rain, snow, and humidity. With many communications companies expanding aggressively into these harsh weather markets, Automatic Waveguide Dehydrators are at an all-time high.

5G networks utilize high-frequency waves that warrant faster connectivity speeds – yet they do not travel as far as their 4G and LTE predecessors. To solve this distance issue, 5G network systems must be built based upon a matrix of smaller more compact cell phone towers that must be closer to each other and the end user than ever before. As a result, network providers plan to build 300,000 new antenna towers. That equates to more towers than have been built in the last 30 years.

Jeremy Crawford

Jeremy Crawford

Business Development Officer

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