Ten SST-2 Thermostats

SST-2 Freeze Protection Thermostats at 1 New York Plaza

The world relies on New York. When extraordinary circumstances alter the status quo, even products as modest as freeze protection system components help NYC function optimally.

AEF Sales, ETI Partner

Environmental Technology Inc.’s partner, AEF Sales, recently distributed ninety-four (94!) of ETI’s Model SST-2 Freeze Protection Thermostats to control about 3.4 miles (5.5 km) of heat trace cable for a couple of high profile New York City projects.

The SST-2 controller is used for automatic freeze protection in cost-sensitive applications requiring ground fault equipment protection (GFEP; the SST-2’s is an integral 30 mA). With automatic supply voltage selection, it is simple to install and to operate.

Chiller at 1 New York Plaza

Twenty-two of these SST-2s helped repair 1 New York Plaza – a prominent Manhattan building with world-class, world-renown financial tenants – damaged by Hurricane (“Superstorm”) Sandy. Critical to the building’s computer infrastructure and which regularly can use a dozen thermostats, its chiller plant was ruined. Temporary chillers and cooling towers were assembled on the street until repairs could be made.

According to Laborpress.org, the typically six-month operation was undertaken in 13 days to repair the 2.6 million-square-foot (7924.8 square meter) facility’s mechanical infrastructure. Working with both electrical and mechanical contractors, AEF staff delivered the SST-2s and 6000 feet (1.83 km) of heat trace cable for a permanent cooling tower in one location, its backup in another separate location, over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend that followed the October storm. Just a typical day in the life of AEF Sales.

Having the SST-2s in stock was critical to the speedy repair requirements: world commerce was at stake! Since there were runs on virtually all building products from pipe to insulation, having “off-the-shelf” availability of ETI thermostats – delivered to contractors’ offices or even their homes – underscored AEF Sales reputation as a reliable resource in times of urgent need.

World Trade Center Transportation Hub

Meanwhile, the majority of these SST-2 thermostats – 72 units controlling nearly 10,000 feet (3 km) of cable – were installed at the new World Trade Center Transportation Hub’s Port Authority Trans-Hudson (PATH) rail system entrance. With cathedral-like lattice soaring 160 feet (48.8 m) high – higher than Grand Central Station’s ceiling – and six escalators, the  8000 square foot (2438.4 square meter) climate-controlled entrance is designed to accommodate an anticipated 200,000 daily commuters. It can get cold in New York: over a million commuters a week present plenty of opportunities to introduce weather-related duress to the new facility.

Having previously worked on WTC Tower 2 and WTC Tower 4, AEF presented an SST-2 controller to the site’s electrical contractor for evaluation, demonstrating its advantages over mechanical thermostats. The short list of the SST-2’s benefits helped AEF staff deliver a superior solution: it is easier to use; its status indicator lights are simple yet effective; and the units’ included GFEPD made it easy to manage future component panels that had not yet been specified, let alone purchased.

Best Selling Thermostat

As ETI’s best-selling controller with approximately 3800 units sold in 2013 alone, the SST-2 Freeze Protection Thermostat is available from great Partners, such as AEF Sales, who are ready to share extraordinary solutions with extraordinary service. Contact ETI for more information.