Both the RCD-1 and the RCD-2 passive dehydrators are bottles filled with desiccant, the RCD-1 with no moving parts, uses gas diffusion to dry the waveguide while the RCD-2 uses its one moving part (a check valve), temperature changes and barometric pressure to move the dry air into the waveguide.

To regenerate the desiccant, use needle nose pliers to remove the gray filter from the inside top of the bottle. If necessary, dry the filter. Save the filter for reinstallation. Empty the RCD–1 into a clean baking dish. Heat the desiccant in a convection oven at 350° F for at least 1 hour or until the silica gel granules turn dark blue. Cool to room temperature. Immediately thereafter, pour the desiccant into the RCD–1.

Reinstall the gray filter in the top of the RCD–1 bottle.

Reinstall the original cap while taking care not to disturb the adapter fitting. Use slip-joint pliers to securely tighten the cap since leakage will reduce the desiccant service life. Reinstall the RCD–1.

Reconnect the tubing between the RCD–1 to the waveguide or coax system.