Magnetic Switch Wand LCD-8

‘Magnetic Switch Wand’ rather than ‘Magic Wand’

It’s easy to say “magic wand” when talking about the Snow Switch® Model LCD-8’s magnetic reed switch tool. Wave it along the outside of the LCD-8 and the unit’s LEDs begin blinking! Powerful snow and ice management ensues!

There is sophisticated technology in play, of course. Among the many amazing features found in ETI’s Model LCD-8 aerial snow controller is its internally located magnetic reed switch. Protected from the weather, the switch is used for manual heater cycling and configuring its temperature set-point* and hold-on** time.

Work it!

The LCD-8 is oriented where the upright position has the moisture sensor grid (narrow end of the housing) at the top. To locate the internal configuration switch, find the green LED on the housing bottom: this is the first LED counterclockwise from the LCD-8’s ambient air temperature sensor.

Snow Switch LCD-8 LEDs

Snow Switch LCD-8 LEDs

Directly above the green LED at the seam, between the top and bottom housings, and inside the unit is the magnetic reed switch. This switch configures the control parameters under which the LCD-8 manages a radiant deicing system.

Magnetic Reed Switch location for the Snow Switch Model LCD-8

Magnetic Reed Switch location for the Snow Switch Model LCD-8

After power up initialization and under normal operating conditions, the LCD-8’s green LED shines steadily. Passing or swiping a magnet, such as the one found at the notched end of the Magnetic Switch Wand, near enough to this location initiates a hold-on* cycle or terminates a running hold-on cycle.

LCD-8 Wand Movement

The magnetic switch determines whether your action “swipes” or “holds” the magnet during LCD-8 configuration.

For information on how to configure your Snow Switch Model LCD-8 using the Magnetic Switch Wand, refer to the operating manual beginning on page 8. For more on ETI’s magnetic switch wand, contact Dennis Sizemore, Director of Heat Trace Product Sales.

Then let the magic begin!

* “Set-point” refers to the temperature at which the LCD-8 activates the heaters given the presence of moisture. When set to its default, “Off,” the controller activates the heaters based only on the presence of moisture at any temperature. The factory default temperature set point is 38°F (3.33°C).

** “Hold-on” refers to the automatic, selected length of time after which the system controlled by the LCD-8 operates beyond when its temperature and moisture sensors determine a weather event is over. This is intended to evaporate moisture on the protected surface.