EMC stands for Energy Management Computer, which can be used to remotely monitor and control the APS-C series ice melt controllers.

These connections are made to the Class 2 connection terminal block on pins 14 through 22.  The following diagram will aid in making these connections.

The EMC can use the override on and override off to turn the systems on and off and provides internal dry contacts for monitoring and alarms.  For a complete description of how the EMC works refer to the manual page 18.

Energy Management Computer (EMC) Interface

The APS “C” Series interfaces with an EMC via relays. Inputs from the EMC include Override On, which causes heater operation, and Override Off, which inhibits heater operation. These functions are independent of weather conditions and the status of the Hold-On Timer. The interface provides five system status contact closures for the EMC including Supply, Snow, Heater, Alarm, and Temperature Limit.
Absent signals from the EMC, the APS Control Panel controls the heaters based on environmental conditions. Automatic snow melting control is the default condition of the system.