Yes, Establish communications with the dehydrator through the Ethernet interface (default IP address from the factory is and navigate to the configuration page. Here you can change the IP address by either allowing the unit to “obtain IP address automatically” or by “use the following IP address:” and setting a static IP address. Click here to see more about the ADH Netcom, including the operator’s manual.

The ADH NETCOM automatic air dehydrator allows for user configuration of many of its operational parameters. User-configurable alarm settings, along with their default values, are explained in the Alarms section of this Manual.
The ADH NETCOM automatic air dehydrator can be configured and monitored using the simple web interface. Initial set-up is typically done with a standalone PC or laptop computer configured for use in the network. A typical IP address for the configuring host would be, with a subnet mask of The initial factory default setting for the
ADH NETCOM is a fixed IP address of, a fixed subnet mask of, and a fixed gateway of Open a web browser and connect to this IP address.

From the Status Screen, the Configuration page allows users to configure high and low pressure limits and alarms, configure the IP address, establish master/slave designations between dehydrator units, set duty cycle and short cycle limits, as well as define the three alarm relays. Also on the Configuration page, the user can configure the serial ports on the back of the unit. There are three ports, for RS422A, RS422B, and RS232, on the back of the dehydrator and each can be configured. See unit Manual for more information regarding the use of the Scientific-Atlanta protocol.

1.Go to the Configuration page.
2.If using a fixed IP address, select “Use the following IP address:” Then, set the IP address, mask, and gateway.
3.If using DHCP, select “Obtain IP address automatically.”
4.Click Submit. You should see a message that the dehydrator is rebooting, unless the new information is the same as the old.
5.Reconnect to the dehydrator using the new IP address. Also, change the Ethernet cable at the dehydrator to connect to the network instead of the laptop. We recommend powering down the unit while doing this.

ADH Netcom change the IP address