Yes you can connect multiple dehydrators, but this would require the use of an ASM-1 Smart Manifold. In this case, the Manifold is set as the Master to monitor and control the NETCOM’s that are attached to it. This application is used for large systems and can be set for Redundant or Parallel Pumping. Click here for more about the ASM-1 Smart Manifold.

Multiple ADH NETCOM automatic air dehydrators can be controlled by an ASM–1 Smart Manifold automated air manifold for parallel or redundant pumping operation. Parallel pumping of two or more ADH NETCOM dehydrators provides increased volumes of dry low pressure air by running the ADH NETCOM dehydrators together as one. Redundant pumping of two or more ADH NETCOMs provides increased system reliability by keeping one or more dehydrators on standby should the primary dehydrator fail. To enhance system reliability in this mode each dehydrator will alternate as primary.

Connecting dehydrators with a smart manifold

The ASM–1 Smart Manifold automated air manifold distributes low pressure dry air from one or more sources to one or more transmission lines. Output pressure is configurable between 0.10 psig and 7.50 psig (7mbar – 517mbar) in 0.01 psig (0.67mbar) increments. Factory default pressure is 0.5 psig (34.5mbar). Operational monitoring and alarms are software based making them highly configurable in the field. Future software features can be installed while in service over the internet or local Ethernet network.