The setup of the ASM-1 smart manifold can be done with the following steps:

  1. Set up the IP configurations for the Netcom’s and the smart manifold (configuration page)
  2. Set up the pressure parameters on the Netcom’s and set them for large system operation
    1. Netcom configurations
      1. Set them for large system operation
      2. Settings between NETCOM’S and Smart Manifolds should match.
  3. Set up the smart manifold ports which can be configured (on the configuration page) as:
    1. Unused
    2. Input – this then requires the IP type and address of the associated NETCOM or none in the case of `ADH-2ACOM and ADH-3COM units as well as pressure tanks.
    3. Output – pressure output that will be shut down by the manifold if the leak rate is too high
    4. Crit. Output – Maintains an output pressure regardless of the alarms
    5. Bleed – defaulted to port 8, bleeds down the system in the event of overpressure
  4. Decide on redundant or parallel pumping
    1. Parallel if having volume issues
    2. If redundant consider setting the switch time to evenly use the compressors
  5. Determine test parameters
    1. For a single output system running approximately 6% duty cycle an output warning rate of 100 an output alarm of 200 and an output kill rate of 400 should allow operation without nuisance alarms
  6. Complete installation and pressurize system

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