ETI Troubleshooting Kit

ETI Troubleshooting Kit

Everything—and everybody—needs to be looked after once in a while. Even Environmental Technology Inc. sensors, controllers or control panels are susceptible to the rigors of their, ahem, environments. Invariably, scrounging in parts inventories or running to the local electronics supply house becomes an annoying addition to the task.

To reduce the guesswork of service techs in the field troubleshooting ETI products, we suggest these five simple items for their tool kits:

  • A paper clip or short jumper wire
    used to simulate snow signals on APS and EUR units by shorting the sensor signal and sensor ground points on the controller
  • Some 470K ohm 1/8 watt or larger (less than 1 meg ohm) resistors
    used to test and/or replace the high temp limit sensors
  • Some 100K ohm 1/8 watt or larger resistors
    used to install in series on the equipment ground wires of EUR-5A’s if having a grounding problem
  • A few 3AG -2 amp glass fuses
    in case a sensor shorts on APS units
  • An inline fuse holder with fuse (3AG 1.5 amp)
    used for those installations where the ETI sensors are not fused

Having these components handy helps the focus remain on the task. Be sure to contact us for instructions on how to use the parts  and to verify results.

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