A Reset button is located on the back panel. This button is used in the event it becomes necessary to reset the unit’s IP address back to its original factory default IP address. The Reset button should never be used during normal operations but only by qualified personnel performing troubleshooting work on the unit. To use the Reset button to reset the unit’s IP address back to the original factory default IP address, perform the steps below.

1. Turn off power to the unit. Because there is no On/Off power switch on the NEMA unit, for this procedure, leave the power cable wires attached to the power connector, loosen, but do not remove, the two captive jackscrews that secure the power connector to the mating connector. Holding power connector, gently pull the assembly away from the unit and the power will shut off.

2. Press and hold the Reset button on the connection panel. While still pressing the Reset button, turn unit power back on by putting the power connector assembly back in place until unit power is restored.

3. Once the power is restored, continue to hold down the Reset button until the red Alarm LED starts to flash, then release the Reset button. The green Power LED should come on and the red Alarm LED should go off. You should hear the solenoids click into action and the compressor should pressurize the line.

4. Attach the Ethernet cable and communicate with the dehydrator using the default IP address It might take a minute or two for the dehydrator to initialize communications, but you should be able to bring up the Status page with a web browser.