ADH NETCOM Software, version 2.04

2.04 (2010-09-27): Version 2.04 includes several bug fixes related to master/slave configuration and regeration under certain conditions. While the issues fixed in this version will not affect all installations, it is recommended that all units in the field with earlier software versions be updated.

Changes this update makes

This update fixes an issue where two units configured as master/slave were unable to restore communications after a transient loss of communications. The web interface was also updated to correctly report communications errors between the master and slave.

This update fixes an issue that was causing false dew point conditions. In some environments a dehydrator may have sensed a high internal ambient temperature and interrupted regeneration. If the internal temperature were to cycle into a high condition and back long enough it would lead to both canisters being flagged as wet. Changes in temperature set points and internal cycle times were made to correct this. This update also resets the dew point on a canister that goes into standby status.

This update adds a self-test that will momentarily stop pumping and cycle the solenoid if an overpressure is sensed during a purge cycle. If the overpressure is due to a sticking solenoid, this should clear that condition. Should the overpressure persist after this self-test the dehydrator will alarm for overpressure as normal.

This update includes all previous updates.

After installing this update the main page should read:

Main Firmware: ADH 2.04

Comm Firmware: ADH 2.04


Files included:



Units with serial numbers greater than:
3596 for a ADH NETCOM
0852 for a ADH NETCOM NEMA
are not compatible with this version of software

Installation Instructions

  1. Download and save it to your local drive, thumb drive, or similar media. For the purposes of these instruction we will assume that you chose to save the file in your “My Documents” folder.
  2. Uncompress the contents of the zip file.
  3. Open the windows command window by clicking on start, run and type “cmd” then click OK. This will open a black screen window with dos command lines. You will also see a line like “C:Documents and Settings(User)>” where (User) is the name of the directory the “My Documents” folder is in. A flashing cursor will be next to the >
  4. Using the windows command line:
    • Change directories to the location you uncompressed the files to in step 2. You can do this by typing “CD my documents” and pressing return. The “CD” is the dos command for change directory to the directory you list. “CD” should take you all the way back to the root directory (C:). Typing “CD..” will take you back one directory (C:Documents and Settings). If you make a typing mistake and there is no directory if you hit the return then it will return the line unchanged.
    • Type “cscript ncfirm.vbs” and press return. This will start loading files to the NETCOM. The is the default IP address of the NETCOM, which you can change later, if you wish to suit your network. If you have already changed the IP address then use that address instead of the default.
    • Wait for the command to complete. (This will take some time so be patient. Once the lights begin flashing on the dehydrator it is alright to exit the windows command line if you wish but the installation has another step so you may want to wait.)
  5. You will be prompted to wait for the front panel lights to stop flashing while the unit reboots. Wait for the lights to stop flashing before continuing.
  6. Using the windows command line:
    • Type “cscript ncpages.vbs and press return. This will again start loading files to the NETCOM.
    • Wait for the command to complete.
  7. Open a web browser and go to https://[your_ip_address or your_network_name]/. You should see the new user interface