June 18, 2003

Photo of arial mounted LCD-7UL

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New Snow Controller Breaks $100 MSRP

SOUTH BEND, IN -- Environmental Technology, a leading manufacturer of snow detection and control products since 1968, introduces its new patent pending LCD–7UL Aerial Snow Controller. This latest member of the ETI Snow Switch family combines pioneering new snow detection and control technology at an exceptionally low price that breaks the $100 retail price barrier. The LCD–7UL directly controls heaters for small areas including sidewalks, steps, wheel-chair ramps, entrance ways and similar cost sensitive applications.

The LCD–7UL senses snow so that it operates heaters only when required thus substantially reducing operating costs. In the past, heaters needed to operate five or more hours after snow stopped to ensure complete melting. The LCD–7UL uses its new Melt Track™ technique to estimate melting completion which reduces the continued heater operation to one hour to further add to cost savings.

Verifying melting system operation can be difficult if snow is not falling. The Sno-Test™ feature solves this problem by performing a self-test upon the application of power. The LCD–7UL indicates test passage by operating the heaters in an easily observed pattern for a few seconds.

The LCD–7UL is designed to outlast the deiced pavement. It requires no preventative maintenance and is simple to install. ETI's standard two year limited warranty applies. Channel discounts apply to the $99.50 list price which is FOB South Bend, IN. Delivery is from stock to three weeks starting August 15. UL Listing is pending.

For more product information call 800 234-4239, fax 888-234-4238, visit, E-mail: or write Environmental Technology, Inc., 1302 High Street, South Bend, IN 46601 USA.